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Welcome to my site! 

This is my portfolio of research, teaching, librarianship, and a few personal projects. You will find web links, PDFs, videos, and blog posts.  They are all categorized under their respective tags and posted on the subject pages.  You can also use the cloud tags.

About me

My name is David H. Michels.  I’m a native Bluenoser, but I have lived in a prairie town, a maritimeDavid3-1 fishing community, a Toronto suburb, and an East African village. I currently live in Dartmouth, NS, the city where I grew up.  When I graduated from High School I headed “down the road” like many Maritimers have done, to Ontario (we still call it Upper Canada), or further west.  Many years and adventures later I made my way back to my hometown.

I am a Christian. The name was first applied to the the followers of Jesus Christ in the ancient city of Antioch, meaning a follower or “little Christ” (Acts 11:26). Today the name Christian is tied up with many cultural and political encumbrances, but I aspire simply to the idea of one who follows Christ as Saviour and Lord. I attend First Baptist Church, an evangelical Christian community. I note my faith here because it is the foundation of my worldview. Human dignity is rooted in the sacredness of people created in the image of God. Social action is founded on the justice of God. Ecological responsibility derives from our stewardship not ownership of the Earth. Life today is lived out conscious of the weight of glory.

I have been married to a wonderful woman for 27 years, and I have been blessed with three great kids, two in university and one in high school. They are all very musical; I stick to humming showA_Strange_Manuscript_Found_in_a_Copper_Cylinder_1000192737 tunes. I am a Trekker from way back (Kirk is still the best Captain) and a general science fiction fan. My favourite authors are the great Isaac Asimov and the disturbing John Wyndham. My favourite Canadian novel is A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder by James DeMille. I occasionally paint and sketch when the mood strikes me.

I have worked as a pastor, a cook, and a college instructor. I am currently an academic librarian, a career I have had for 17 years. My focus is research support and instruction, and I coordinate a talented public services team. I am a researcher, publishing in law, information science, and sociology of religion. You can explore aspects of my career in posts above.

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